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A captain's log of activities and projects, affiliations and developments involving the Shadowsnake ship and various guerilla film expeditions. Updated in between storms by DeZ Vylenz, Writer - Director - Martial Arts Choreographer

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The First Expedition

Though the crew are a multi-cultural freebooting multi-specialized mongrel bunch in the post-colonial age of modern enterprise, The Shadowsnake managed to officially sail out under the London flag in 2001. A space odyssey had begun. Exploration of that particular area of space called cinema… The crew: Intergalactic Pirates, Psychonauts, Poets, Roots Drummers, Deep Space Draftsmen, traditional craftsmen, engineers , streetwise scientists and many more Crazy Men and Women embarking on a journey through the universe. A journey to the end of the night…

The first expedition: The Mindscape of Alan Moore, part 1 of the Shamanautical Series, a quintology.

The production, financing and promotional tour of this film took a few years, but finally the film will be available on DVD early 2007 in a double disc edition with over 202 minutes of bonus material. Much time and perfectionism has been invested in the final distribution phase with only a few test drives left.

The basic approach is to produce and create films and stories that are exciting and inspiring to ourselves. Not escapism from, but confrontation with a deeper underlying reality.

The next films in development: Pavilion, a martial arts thriller. Burning, a Caribbean Noir.

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