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A captain's log of activities and projects, affiliations and developments involving the Shadowsnake ship and various guerilla film expeditions. Updated in between storms by DeZ Vylenz, Writer - Director - Martial Arts Choreographer

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nomadic Life

Strange shift of time zones. Last week was still rushing to get business finished in London with several projects in development (one of them a zombie psych horror, script was given to me a while back) with sunny weather for nearly two weeks straight. Then off to Amsterdam, on and off rainy with sunshine, blazing on the bike to more missions.

Then Wed off to Suriname, on the tip of South America, where it's been pissing down with rain for weeks now. Streets are occasionally flooded, disrupting social and economic life. I'm here to shoot several corporate films on health and safety, security and more in the logistic branch, so if the weather doesn't clear up it'll screw up our schedule.

Always interesting to be back, although the last few years home is where my suitcase gets opened up. I don't even bother to take out my gear, unless it's food and herbs. Life on the move teaches you a lot of things: Don't get attached to anything, anywhere, anytime. But at the same time you learn to appreciate everything, everywhere, any moment. Nothing is to be taken for granted and money, equipment, resources all are tools, never the goal.

I would highly recommend to read this book: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. A fascinating journey written by Jack Weatherford. Concise, riveting, comprehensive and a great insight into what globalisation actually means and how it came about. I've always been fascinated by Genghis Khan, because he was never the typical conqueror out to gain more territory for the sake of it or to bring havoc and destruction (as most of the modern misconceptions surrounding him are still accepted now). The mobility, the efficiency and the fact that he founded a firm law and a strict code, creating the concept of ambassadors and diplomatic immunity, abolishing torture, raising women and merchants to higher classes, complete religious freedom and open discussions, all of this points out to an incredibly progressive mind with a vision to truly unite different civilisations, while keeping their cultural integrity. He's supposedly also the first ruler who also had to adhere to the law and would not be above it as with many monarchs of the time.

It's also interesting to see how he stuck close to his humble origins, a very pragmatic man still living close to his horse and ready to move, while his later descendants got more decadent and lived in grand palaces, thus initiating the slow but steady decline of the Mongol Empire.

In terms of military strategy and organization, the principles used can be easily applied to the guerrilla film making life style I have jumped in, both to great joy and great frustration at times. But a man's got to follow the path of his heart. And as much as I'm trying to shake off the film business or get side tracked by other endeavours with more monetary success, cinema (and literature, art in general) still keeps stealing my heart back every time.

Anyway, check out the book, far more interesting than my sporadic mumblings on this blog.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watchmen Essay

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not a punctual blogger. That's because I still prefer to write fiction in the little time I have left and most of my life is nomadic in nature. Pretty much like a ronin, a sword for hire, so am in the middle of too many ventures and projects, which still bring me to interesting places.

For those interested in consciousness, the mystical, comics, narrative and Moore, here is an old essay from 2006. Only published before in Italian. This is the first time it comes out in English.

Now relevant as the Hollywood film adaptation has finally arrived.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Snow Surprise

Another week, another pound. More crisis in the news, as if nothing good is also happening. The snowfall made most of the UK ground to a halt, but really shows the incompetence of those in charge of the infrastructure. Not even salt on stairs or sidewalks when it started to melt. I guess that tax money everbody coughs up has to cover bonuses for the top dogs and finance building projects nobody needs. Talk about skimming off money, it's going on everywhere in the world.

A few images of families playing with their children, sleds drawn by dogs as if they were Poledogs. Now why is there not more of that positive coverage. When I grew up back in Suriname, there was always a kind of anecdotal item at the end of the 8 o'clock news.

After all the wars, economic pessimism and starvation on the box, something from around the world to show another angle, something uplifting.

This year we're hoping to launch this particular weblog as a place for everybody to send a little 2 minute item from all corners of the world. Notes From the Other Ground.

Feel free to send anything you think is not covered by the world media, as long as you keep it "civilized".

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama in office, Oxen on the move

The Chinese new year of the Ox officially started Monday 26 January. New moon, new year and a new president of the US and A. Apparently Obama is also an Ox, who are apparently strong headed and determined to toil towards their goal over a long stretch time.

This year they say is the harvest, the fruition of all that (not only Oxen) all you have worked for over the last few years. Let's hope so, I'm a water Ox myself and have been in the grind for quite a stretch. So will put it to the test, not by waiting for astrological predictions to actualize, but by blazing through in serious combat mode.

I came back to London last week fly-by-night styling and had to get straight into new missions to finish treatments for deadlines (one of the projects being a factional thriller styled docu).

My main hunger is still to shoot the Caribbean drama-thriller and the work on it still continues on a parallel track, but these specific projects for broadcast are more feasible short-term.

I've also been writing more and more fiction and currently working on a number of short suspense stories. Film and music are such fickle industries, but with fiction it's at least me, my fountain pen and paper. A crazy trinity that I can at least rely upon to get the narratives out of my head.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year of the Ox

Unbelievable, already a week into the new year. The firework explosions and foggy mists afterwards seem so far now.

Still in Amsterdam working on the short fiction stories and the screenplay for the Caribbean thriller. Meanwhile I've been commissioned to get involved in a number of interesting projects, most of them in London.

This weblog still needs to be updated to Wordpress, so apologies again for the lack of options to place comments. Thanks for all the emailed response, all feedback is appreciated.

Anyway, all the best of health, wisdom and prosperity in the New Year of the Ox.



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