Besides producing our own contents, over the last few years we have also been approached to produce corporate films, training videos, electronic press kits and other audio-visual tools to convey the company image, goals, services and procedures.

We rise to the challenge to present these in a succinct and efficient manner, while making it exciting enough for the target audience. Modern viewers are increasingly accustomed to a cinematic flair, so a high standard of aesthetics and film grammar is essential.

What we can offer is the know-how from both the creative and corporate industries to make custom solutions for our clients. Besides communication tools and translations, we are a one-stop shop for consultancy in pragmatic strategy and organization. Our clients range from the shipping industry to law enforcement and aviation to multi-media start ups.

A PICTURE SPEAKS MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS (and film is worth a thousand pictures)
This ancient Chinese proverb is an often used cliché, but remains as true as in the prior millennia of human interaction. In this fast paced modern world potential business partners and investors have little time or patience to read pages and pages of extensive business plans, propositions or company histories (external use). It also takes time, other parts of the workforce and patience to train new employees, so short films can be very effective as a manual to work procedures, health & safety and company policy (internal use).

In times of recession or rapid change it is important for businesses of any size to use their resources conservatively. We can offer high quality services at competitive budgets because of the way we organize our work flow and utilize top expertise of various freelance technicians and business consultants without unnecessary and wasteful overheads.


Except for the corporate films and communication tools we can offer advice on various aspects of your business.

From conceptualization to design, from strategy to organization and internal communication lines, training to details of corporate image; we can draw on a think-tank of international excellence. More clarity can be achieved through workshops or brainstorm sessions.

Try our free first hour introduction session. If you expect the super corporate tie-and-suit top dollar per hour consultant with lots of fancy terminology, statistics and über slick presentations then we’re not what you’re looking for. Our main differentiator is that we bring a creative, holistic and innovative point of view to develop scenarios for any kind of project. Thinking out of the box, into the open air of possibility. Identifying those variables that can be eliminated or building a solid line of communication will make a world of difference in efficiency. We merely provide a framework to assist in seeing THE BIG PICTURE.

Improvement and Innovation can actually be a painless and liberating process. Getting a truly pragmatic, objective and confidential opinion is key, but also scarce. Shadowsnake can bring clarity and help discard whatever doesn’t work.

Ask yourself: what are your main problems, what are your main goals and how can we be of any assistance?

At present we can accommodate subtitles and voice-over narration in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. Any other languages can be arranged in close collaboration with the client.