Dez Vylenz

Martial Arts Choreographer

Wanted for cinematic hustling, spiritual smuggling and entering the dark void of the unknown. Whereabouts: Unknown. Suspected to operate in Amsterdam and London.

While growing up in Paramaribo, Suriname (a Caribbean part on the South American continent) DeZ Vylenz experimented with different art forms and fields. From the age of 3 he fought with his father over the newspaper sections that contained comic strips or any combination of pictures and words.

He worked as a political cartoonist for newspapers in his teens and at an early age was active as a playwright and theatre actor. Later he studied classical and rock guitar, Martial Arts and narrative in comics and literature as well as jamming with bands and writing lyrics. At the age of 17 he became obsessed with the craft of writing and film directing and since then he has worked for television as cameraman, sound man and editing assistant, cook and as a cadet on a Trans-Atlantic merchant ship.

In 1993 Vylenz relocated to Amsterdam where he worked part time in the vinyl music record trade and studied at the University of Amsterdam, receiving his Master’s Degree in English Linguistics and Literature in 1998, then moved to London to study the art and technique of film making and cinematography at the London International Film School and direct fiction films, documentaries and commercials.

He continued to develop his interest in martial arts choreography for film and along with Kung Fu and a pragmatic stream of philosophy, many different areas of interest have been integrated into a mystical and scientific thought system, which forms the creator / reactor of his activities and the teaching in workshops and lectures on film, comics and literature. In some forms it is related to Systems or Visual thinking, which can be applied to various disciplines and fields.

In 2001 DeZ founded his own production company Shadowsnake Films and is currently based in London and Amsterdam. The Mindscape of Alan Moore is Shadowsnake’s first completed feature project, the first part of a continuing Shamanautical / 5 Elements series. This is his directorial debut.

Along with much emphasis on classical perfection with a modern edge, the main strength of Shadowsnake lies in the collaboration between international artists and crew from a range of eclectic backgrounds. In each project the energy and enthusiasm of these crew members are infused into the final work, with the highest standards of professionalism and skills.

At present DeZ suffers from a severe case of boredom and somnambulism when plunged into the dark during most mainstream film screenings and is still searching for the remedy. It is a never-ending quest, but part of the alchemical formula consists of: genuine stories, an original instead of derivative approach, more passion and real love for the arts, less CGI and shopping mall moralism and characters.

Special Recognition Award: Creative Achievement in Documentary Film making, San Francisco World Film Festival.

Various workshops, lectures and classes on a variety of subjects, in cities such as London, Oxford, Athens and Eindhoven. Practical workshops focus mainly on the conception, development and production of fiction and documentary film, while the more academic and theoretical sessions are on the Narrative in Film, Literature and Graphic Fiction.
The main approach is of an eclectic nature, similar to the fusion of classical story telling elements with modern technology.

Guiding and advising the conception, incubation, translation and realization of ideas in various sectors of industry and enterprise. Mediation and jury participation in business or film festival competition events.

Individually customized programs for a selected group of clients seeking more balance between body and mind, careers and creativity.

FUTURE PROJECTS: Writing, Directing and co-producing the following 4 fiction parts of The Shamanautical Series.
Scripts and projects in development:

“Pavilion”, a martial arts feature (part 4 of The Shamanautical Series).
“Burning”, a feature drama set in the jungle of Suriname.
“Touch”, a pharmaceutical thriller.
In addition work is in progress on scripts and concepts for novels, graphic fiction, and other media, as the creative drive remains DeZ Vylenz’ primary interest.