Drew Richards

Music Composer – Sound Designer

Wanted for psychological manipulation through angst wrenching soundscapes and subliminal sonic trickery.
Whereabouts: Suspected to operate in London and on tour busses near you.

Drew was born in Jamaica and grew up believing the sole function of his ears was to keep his sunglasses on. In the early eighties he moved to London where the sound and sight of punk bands was a major culture shock, from which he is still trying to recover. He started playing guitar and throwing testosterone fuelled shapes and his constant hair modifications are now legendary in the North London area.

His influences range from Debussy to Slayer with a lot of dodgy goth,electro and indie in between. Drew started playing professionally in bands in the late eighties, decamping to Germany, and eventually hooking up with legendary post punkers Xmal Deutschland who were on Warners. After a brief career in band management he got back into playing guitar and went on to release an album on EMI with his own band Feline. In between tours, groupies and recording sessions Drew got some experience writing music for film and theatre, mostly for adverts and short animations.

At present Drew is primarily guitar player for Die So Fluid, which is about to release it’s second album, hired gun for David Ryder Prangley and the Witches, which is about to record it’s first LP, and mix master general for The Tits of Death who will be releasing their debut E.P. shortly.

Drew got involved with Shadowsnake Films when his unreleased remixes for The Mediaeval Baebes were heard by DeZ Vylenz and he was asked to compose the score for The Mindscape of Alan Moore with only a few directions on paper to follow. This would normally be a very difficult way to work for a film composer but, on this occasion, much easier than the alternative which involved caffeine and adrenaline fuelled ranting telephone calls from the depths of the Shadowsnake bridge.