Enter the world of artist, writer and illustrator John Coulthart, who also created the Mindscape film posters and entire DVD interface and artwork. Only two words to describe his art: “Atmospheric and Classic.”
Aka “The Man at the Crossroads.” Comics historian and journalist with a genuine passion for the medium.
Smoky Man, comic book activist and journalist. Conceived and edited: Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman. Recently working on a Watchmen 20th anniversary book published in Italian. English edition in progress.
Creator of Strangehaven and co-editor of Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman.
The writer whose influence permeates the writing and pop culture of the last 4 decades.
Headed by Chris Staros, this is an independent publishing company with an incredible range of high quality titles and a sense of pride in what they do.
Sho, an artist with leather. Real classic craftsmanship. Produced the 360 special edition boxes for Mindscape.
Documentary maker and animator Mano, exploring world music, gipsy culture and other realms the mainstream pays no attention to.
3D animation for Mindscape was created by Ivor Goldberg, based in Amsterdam. Another artist with a foundation in traditional arts, who evolved towards the digital age with the preservation of good taste.
One of the hardest working bands in the music industry. Guitarist/Producer Drew Richards is composer of the Mindscape score and for other Shadowsnake projects in between tour schedules. Sexy leadsinger Grog on bass, powerful melodic style, this band’s got a lot going on, check out their gigs.
Brooklyn born, headed by Skiz Fernando, music producer, journalist and film maker. Spectre’s music is also featured in The Mindscape score. Music from the dark regions of underground hiphop.
His music seemed sculpted in the same subterranean and intergalactic spaces as The Mindscape of Alan Moore and forms an important part of the film.