. .
. . . In the I of the Storm . . .
. . . It’s always calm . . .

–DeZ Vylenz–

Fire on the Horizon

I go beyond.
Beyond the black rivers of death
Past the blinding white lights of life’s exits.

I go beyond.
Past the concentric circles of hell
Where money hungry sleepwalkers dwell.

I go beyond.
Past the boundaries of space and time
Past the wicked time warps of yesterday and tomorrow.

I went beyond.
But the snake coils and swallows its own tail
And I’m back where I’ve started again.

I will go beyond
A fucking fireball burning the bloodsuckers out of the way.

Snecondo Sombra
–32 Decanuary 1997-8—


Brave New Rhythm

The herds of human cattle,
driven by the
Financial whip of the invisible empires.
In the corridors of power, lies are
Ready to be spit out into the streets
Where hungry welfare pigs
wait to be fed.
Consumerism is the label,
Of the slaves that live this fable.

–Snecondo Sombra–
17 October 1995



The Sharpest Water

A vision so sharp that it nearly cuts the mind in two
Needs restraint, needs softening.

Knowledge excites, lifts up the spirit and the mind
To visions of Immortality

Understanding grows, guides us
To deeper reflections of Reality

Wisdom humbles, brings one back
Down to the dirt of the Earth.

Lao Winti
(Excerpt from: Chronicles of a Mental Tidal Wave)