Best film of the year (next to Out of the Furnace), best portrayal of a sociopath and my kind of night cinematography. Also a great satire on media and “making it”/ruthless ambition and corporate careers. Highly recommended as a must see:



From the exhibitor’s point of view there is an argument for this though. Ofcourse the traditional business model is dying and the big 6 month windows between theatrical and VOD release etc. are obsolete, but when you’ve got overheads of brick and mortar venues with staff etc., then how can you compete against online streaming. […]


20,000 Days on Earth

Need a break from the monotony of admin and digital bollocks. Seeing this tonight, with live interview broadcast to selected cinemas near you: Seems interesting, particularly since I considered doing a documentary about #Nick Cave back in 1999, but he was curating Meltdown at the time, so we went for #Alan Moore, another inspiring and […]


The struggle continues

Another Monday, another dollar. More news on the Al-Qaeda show, sponsored by the arms industry, the ridiculous theatre of world politics and plenty of fake news links to assist in the confusion that plagues modern consciousness. I would trade all of the urban pleasures for a cabin in the jungle, but unfortunately you can hear […]



The Magus stil clashing with Tinseltown:


5 Lessons from Brazil – Germany ( 1-7)

There will be political ramifications from this semi-final result. It is a symbolic collapse (in the purest pars pro toto sense) of the entire Brazilian political and economic system, which despite all its glossy PR (i.e. emerging economies and BRIC promotion by investors) could no longer hide gross mismanagement. I finally understand now why friends […]


End of the World 2

Saw some post on Facebook about a guy hiding underground for 14 years with Y2K-end-of-the-world Scare. Fuck that, when the end of the world comes, I want to have my eyes open and watch it unfold in Cinemascope, Full Technicolour…


London Fog

London Fog today: Some spooky Sherlock Holmes moods. Grabbed the camera to take some shots for my next short film. “…and there he was, out from the fog as if he’d never been away.” “…This was the house to avoid at all cost. But they had no choice then to enter, for tonight was the […]


Black Sabbath: Still the high priests of heavy

Just saw Black Sabbath live in Amsterdam. Even if you’re not into hard rock/heavy metal, there are a few lessons to be learned here. The Iron Men of Rock blew everybody away tonight, still playing monumental riffs after nearly half a century (!!!). The opening War Pigs (released in 1970 in the midst of Vietnam […]


Warren Zevon – Werewolves in London

Brilliant song, brilliant lines, Werewolf looking for Chow Min in Soho: This track was used in The Color of Money directed by Scorcese, brilliant film about character and skills. If you read his bio on Wikipedia and watch some of his interviews on David Letterman, you get the impression of a truly honest and great […]