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Best film of the year (next to Out of the Furnace), best portrayal of a sociopath and my kind of night cinematography. Also a great satire on media and “making it”/ruthless ambition and corporate careers. Highly recommended as a must see:



From the exhibitor’s point of view there is an argument for this though. Ofcourse the traditional business model is dying and the big 6 month windows between theatrical and VOD release etc. are obsolete, but when you’ve got overheads of brick and mortar venues with staff etc., then how can you compete against online streaming. […]


20,000 Days on Earth

Need a break from the monotony of admin and digital bollocks. Seeing this tonight, with live interview broadcast to selected cinemas near you: Seems interesting, particularly since I considered doing a documentary about #Nick Cave back in 1999, but he was curating Meltdown at the time, so we went for #Alan Moore, another inspiring and […]


The struggle continues

Another Monday, another dollar. More news on the Al-Qaeda show, sponsored by the arms industry, the ridiculous theatre of world politics and plenty of fake news links to assist in the confusion that plagues modern consciousness. I would trade all of the urban pleasures for a cabin in the jungle, but unfortunately you can hear […]



Been bad on the online/digital web side, life and missions got in the way. But lots of work and developments I should have shared online, am just more of an analogue creature in that sense. However, I’m slowly starting to collect all my notes and projects and make them available. I was asked by Smoky […]


The Race for Gold

Olympic Games have finished. Didn’t have time to watch any of it, although some of the opening ceremony visuals directed by Zhang Yimou were impressive. $ 150 million US balls for that though, while a large majority still lives in poverty. Michael Phelps with 8 gold medals after ploughing through lots of water and equally […]


Mindscape Reaching Critical Mass

Mindscape Reaching Critical Mass Friends, brethren and sisters, hope all is well. Them Shadowsnake Crazy Commando Missions continue… For those interested, a quick update from the Shadowsnake frontlines of guerila filmmaking and some dates of things that might be happening near you: UK RELEASE * 28 April was the official UK release of The Mindscape […]


Power of the Written Word

On 2 February Alan Moore was signing at Gosh comics in London. The event was scheduled from 14:00 till 17:00 but overran till !8:30. I popped in quickly to the basement before it all started to say hi, but Melinda had not been feeling well so wasn’t present. The main entrance and shop upstairs didn’t […]


Things to get for Christmas part 2: Books

A last few days to left to get some presents for the X-mas holidays, either for your self or friends and family. Being rather bored with the cinema offerings at the moment, I’ve been reading more than watching films (unless I’m catching up on classics). Books: 1) Cormac McCarthy – Blood Meridian Incredibly apocalyptic biblical […]