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The Magus stil clashing with Tinseltown:



Been bad on the online/digital web side, life and missions got in the way. But lots of work and developments I should have shared online, am just more of an analogue creature in that sense. However, I’m slowly starting to collect all my notes and projects and make them available. I was asked by Smoky […]


David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly

Went to the anniversary of this ambitious project. Subscribe and support David Lloyd and all the artists involved in this project and get to read a variety of stories:


Mindscape Reaching Critical Mass

Mindscape Reaching Critical Mass Friends, brethren and sisters, hope all is well. Them Shadowsnake Crazy Commando Missions continue… For those interested, a quick update from the Shadowsnake frontlines of guerila filmmaking and some dates of things that might be happening near you: UK RELEASE * 28 April was the official UK release of The Mindscape […]


Power of the Written Word

On 2 February Alan Moore was signing at Gosh comics in London. The event was scheduled from 14:00 till 17:00 but overran till !8:30. I popped in quickly to the basement before it all started to say hi, but Melinda had not been feeling well so wasn’t present. The main entrance and shop upstairs didn’t […]