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End of the World 2

Saw some post on Facebook about a guy hiding underground for 14 years with Y2K-end-of-the-world Scare. Fuck that, when the end of the world comes, I want to have my eyes open and watch it unfold in Cinemascope, Full Technicolour…


Mercury Poisoning – Minamata

We often take for granted that a healthy body and mind is just a given. It’s something we have to constantly work for. And still then there are lost souls at work poisoning our food, rivers and air. Humanity doesn’t learn, even after countless incidents. Take this infamous example from mercury poisoning in Japan:


Full Moon

Tonight is full moon. Looking up at it, you realize the trillion dollar efforts to find water and minerals on other terrestrial bodies, whilst we’re carelessly raping the planet and crapping in our drink water and other sources of life. Both the tangible and invisible ones. The path of the warrior is to appreciate life […]



Been bad on the online/digital web side, life and missions got in the way. But lots of work and developments I should have shared online, am just more of an analogue creature in that sense. However, I’m slowly starting to collect all my notes and projects and make them available. I was asked by Smoky […]


The End of the World

Today it is. The end of the world (as we know it), the day the Mayan Calender supposedly ends, plenty of books written about the subject, plenty of prophecies, predictions and speculations. In The Mindscape of Alan Moore, Shadowsnake Films touched the topic too, and the description given by Alan Moore about what could be […]