Mercury Poisoning – Minamata

We often take for granted that a healthy body and mind is just a given. It’s something we have to constantly work for. And still then there are lost souls at work poisoning our food, rivers and air. Humanity doesn’t learn, even after countless incidents. Take this infamous example from mercury poisoning in Japan:


Economic Hitman

The majority of modern day corporations give business and the capitalist system a bad name. Free trade has always been part of human civilization, but now monopolies and profit as end goal are the norm. A threat to life and wellbeing on this planet. A lot of it stems from policies described here:


Full Moon

Tonight is full moon. Looking up at it, you realize the trillion dollar efforts to find water and minerals on other terrestrial bodies, whilst we’re carelessly raping the planet and crapping in our drink water and other sources of life. Both the tangible and invisible ones. The path of the warrior is to appreciate life […]


Charles Bradley

Good to see there’s still soul like this and real man’s voices instead of whiny little boys hitting the charts: How true these lyrics are unfortunately, how true…



Been bad on the online/digital web side, life and missions got in the way. But lots of work and developments I should have shared online, am just more of an analogue creature in that sense. However, I’m slowly starting to collect all my notes and projects and make them available. I was asked by Smoky […]


David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly

Went to the anniversary of this ambitious project. Subscribe and support David Lloyd and all the artists involved in this project and get to read a variety of stories:


Melanie Fiona

Modern R&B not really my style, but this is tasteful at least, why was this not a massive hit? For all you neglected ladies out there: Considering the peaks in divorce statistics on the day of new video game releases, this song seems apt. Not that it will prompt digital junkies to exchange their plastic […]


Independent Film Company anniversary

Shadowsnake Limited. Founded 17 September 2001. Which makes it the 12th anniversary today, how time flies, how much has changed since then. Logging through LA Disney Studios to Amsterdam and London with VHS tapes. So many obsolete formats, so many changes in business models. More focus now, more clarity, more wisdom. More ideas and energy […]


The End of the World

Today it is. The end of the world (as we know it), the day the Mayan Calender supposedly ends, plenty of books written about the subject, plenty of prophecies, predictions and speculations. In The Mindscape of Alan Moore, Shadowsnake Films touched the topic too, and the description given by Alan Moore about what could be […]